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Disclaimer: This pro­file is made available for general information purpose. The pro­file is accurate as of May 2024. You may visit the transit agency’s website or contact the transit agency’s contact person for the latest information

The City of Wichita Falls serves as an urban transit district (UTD) for the Wichita Falls urbanized area (UZA) under Texas Transportation Code Chapter 458 and therefore receives state funding. The Wichita Falls Transit System, known as Falls Ride, is a public transit provider in the UTD. Falls Ride changed from a fixed-route service to a deviated fixed-route bus service in 1992 to provide additional transit services for the qualifying elderly population and people with disabilities. Falls Ride also offers demand-response service for the same population for grocery shopping only throughout Wichita Falls.

The service area falls entirely into Wichita County, covering 99 percent of the poulation and 89.4 percent of the land area of the Wichita Falls UZA according to the U.S. Census 2010. Rolling Plains Management Corporation serves rural areas of Wichita County and all adjacent counties except Clay County that is served by Texoma Area Paratransit, Inc.

Falls Ride is administrated by the Aviation, Traffic, and Transportation Department of the City of Wichita Falls and is governed by the city council.

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