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Disclaimer: This pro­file is made available for general information purpose. The pro­file is accurate as of May 2024. You may visit the transit agency’s website or contact the transit agency’s contact person for the latest information

The Colorado Valley Transit District, Inc. (CVT) is a rural transit district authorized by Texas Transportation Code Chapter 458 in 1986 and therefore receives state funding for rural transit services. CVT, branded as Transit, is responsible for transit services in Austin, Colorado, rural Waller, and Wharton Counties. Transit operates demand-response service for the general public throughout the service area. Transit provides the deviated LOOP service within the city limits of Bellville and Sealy in Austin County; Eagle Lake, Columbus, and Weimar in Colorado County; and El Campo and Wharton in Wharton County. Transit also provides deviated LINK service in Austin, Colorado, and Wharton Counties to assist passengers with intercity trips. In addition, Transit contracts with the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County to provide the vanpool service STAR for commuters in Waller County.

Four private intercity bus companies—Arrow Trailways of Texas, Kerrville Bus Company, Greyhound, and Valley Transit Company—operate lines within CVT’s service area. The Amtrak passenger rail line passes through the service area as well. Transit can provide connections to the services.

The eight-member CVT Board of Directors is the governing body of Transit’s services. Each county within the
CVT service area appoints two members to represent its jurisdiction.

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