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Disclaimer: This pro­file is made available for general information purpose. The pro­file is accurate as of May 2024. You may visit the transit agency’s website or contact the transit agency’s contact person for the latest information

Span provides transit services to the DFWA UZA in Denton County, excluding Frisco and Carrollton that is served by the interlocal agreements with DCTA or DART.

Two urbanized areas (UZAs) are in Denton County: the Denton-Lewisville UZA and the Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington (DFWA) UZA. The Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) is responsible for transit services in the Denton-Lewisville UZA and currently serves Denton, Highland Village, and Lewisville. Span is a contracted transportation provider for The Colony, Little Elm, Coppell, Double Oak, Flower Mound, and Lake Cities (including Corinth, Hickory Creek, Lake Dallas, and Shady Shores), of which each is partially or entirely located in the Denton-Lewisville UZA. Besides, under an interlocal agreement with the North Central Texas Council of Governments, Span provides transit services to the DFWA UZA in Denton County, excluding Frisco that is served by interlocal agreement with DCTA.

Span operates demand-response service for the general public in rural Denton County. Span also provides transportation outside its service area for veterans to and from the Veterans Administration Hospital. In addition, SPAN provides human service transportation under contracts with the Medical Transportation Program broker ModivCare and local human service programs. The private intercity bus line of Greyhound passes through Denton County with a station in Denton.

The governing body of Span is a board of directors with 15 members.

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