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Disclaimer: This pro­file is made available for general information purpose. The pro­file is accurate as of May 2023. You may visit the transit agency’s website or contact the transit agency’s contact person for the latest information

The Texarkana Urban Transit District (TUTD), known as T-Line, operates fixed-route bus service and ADA paratransit service in Nash, Texarkana, and Wake Village in Texas and Texarkana in Arkansas. In Texas, TUTD is an urban transit district authorized by Texas Transportation Code Chapter 458 in 1999 and, therefore, receives Texas state funding. T-Line’s service area in Texas falls entirely in Bowie County, covering approximately 85 percent of the population and approximately 75 percent of the land area of the Texas part of the Texarkana urbanized area according to the 2020 U.S. Census. The rural areas of Bowie County are served by the Ark-Tex Council of Governments (ATCOG). ATCOG enters into an interlocal agreement with TUTD to provide management and fiscal services to the T-Line system. Amtrak passenger rail stops at the boundary of Texas and Arkansas and T-Line bus routes provide access to the Amtrak station.

The Texarkana Urban Transit Board is the governing body of T-Line. The board is composed of two members from Nash, Texas; two members from Wake Village, Texas; three members from Texarkana, Texas; and three members from Texarkana, Arkansas.

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